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10 Massage Aftercare Tips

This is a short article advising on aftercare, following a massage.

A good therapist will advise you on what you should do after your massage to ensure you derive the maximum benefit and aid recovery.

These are some examples:

  1. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins that are released during a massage. You may notice a change to your urine frequency and colour for a short time.
  2. Don’t over-push yourself after the massage as it is not unusual to feel tired and sleepy.
  3. If you are worried about anything after a treatment contact your therapist. (See FAQ on Healing Crisis) A good therapist will welcome your call and feedback and use this to help you further.
  4. If you are tender after a treatment, and often clients are for 2-3 days as the body heals, you can use ice packs then heat packs alternately. This can help to accelerate the healing and reduce any tenderness. Light movement is also good to help the blood flow to and from the muscles. Some clients like a hot bath and find that this soothes the muscles. Sometimes the worse the treatment reaction the better the overall client improvement that follows once the body has rebalanced.
  5. If kinesiology taping has been used keep it on for a few days or until it becomes itchy or uncomfortable. In some cases it can cause a skin reaction. It’s ok to get the tape wet during showers etc but never dry tape with a hair dryer.
  6. Remember and comply with advice given regarding stretching or strengthening exercises etc. If you forget or need clarification, contact your therapist.
  7. Undertake regular stretches – a little before a workout, and more fully once the muscle is warm after a workout. The general recommendation is to hold stretches for 30 seconds.
  8. Self check for tender areas – be aware of your body, watch your posture and correct yourself!
  9. Try to reduce your stress levels as this leads to body tension. This is very important, easy to say but harder to do. Start with trying to be aware of what muscles are engaged (tense) and ask yourself whether they need to be engaged if they are not being used. Then try to let go of some of the tension and relax them. Eg drop your shoulders and relax your arms.
  10. Don’t stand or sit in the same position for long periods – especially cross-legged or hunched over a computer. The body likes movement and does not cope well in fixed positions where muscles are tense.


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