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Client Comments

Elisa Dockril
I was treated by Steve after an ankle injury that prevented me from walking normally and enjoying one of my favourite pastimes of dancing. Steve is an experienced dancer himself, and could relate to the frustration of the injury and quickly found me a treatment slot.

Steve identified and treated (with hot stones which feel amazing) the damaged muscles, which must have been under a lot of strain for some time, and also strapped up my leg with special tape which I found very helpful. Throughout the sports treatments Steve informs you as to what he is doing so you can understand your injury and why it could have occurred in the first place which helped me to better understand my body.

I was given various exercises to do independently after each treatment which enabled me to progress faster. I needed 4 treatments for a full recovery and to enjoy the Christmas dancing season. Hopefully sharing my experience of Steve’s treatments will encourage new clients to try his professional treatments. It worked for me and I thank Steve for all his support.

Tanya Butler
For the past 2 years, I have been seeing Steve about injuries I have developed through 11 years of gymnastics, which mostly have involved severe back pain. I had been told that I had fractured my spine but there was a lot of other pain which I felt many people and professionals alike ignored. I had lost any interest in trying to recover and had accepted that I would be struggling with this, possibly for the rest of my life. Originally I was very sceptical about seeing anyone else about it as I had had 3 years of various therapies and scans – including physiotherapy with 6 differI first went to Steve approximately 6 months ago. I have had severe back problems for years and have visited Chiropractors, osteopaths and even physiotherapists with no long term pain relief. Steve has helped me to go from daily constant pain to being able to move with freedom and without pain. Steve has really given me my life back as before hand I was struggling on a day to day basis and now I can go to the gym or walk without pain.
Jozef Vitko
Steve is not only one genuine nice guy, he is very very skilled in not just “massaging” but he solves the problems very well. I have visited numerous massage therapists, however none came close to Steve’s approach and ability to resolve issues. I am returning customer and every visit surprises me how well Steve knows what to touch and where to press immediately after problem explained. And he helps! Highly recommended!
Holly Hall
For the past 2 years, I have been seeing Steve about injuries I have developed through 11 years of gymnastics, which mostly have involved severe back pain. I had been told that I had fractured my spine but there was a lot of other pain which I felt many people and professionals alike ignored. I had lost any interest in trying to recover and had accepted that I would be struggling with this, possibly for the rest of my life. Originally I was very sceptical about seeing anyone else about it as I had had 3 years of various therapies and scans – including physiotherapy with 6 different people, hydrotherapy, MRI’s, X-Rays and a spine specialist, none of which had been successful. Eventually my mum pushed me into going to see Steve under the premise that “a 17 year old should not be getting back pain this bad”. 2 months later I was doing normal day to day activities again with very minimal pain and now 2 years down the line, I am doing lacrosse, kung–Fu, tennis and surfing at University where I study Sport Science.

In the past summer holiday (2015), I have also been shadowing Steve and his clients with their permission. Not only is it great revision for my anatomy exams, but it is very interesting to see how the sessions are structured. I got to see how Steve diagnosed his clients’ injuries which I now realise is often a lot harder than it looks! The body is already a bit of maze and everyone will respond differently to a variety of treatments. Plus if you have any underlying qualities such as hypermobility (naturally over-stretchy muscles, tendons and ligaments), this can reduce the reliability of the certain tests carried out to see which muscles aren’t firing properly. One of Steve‘s main abilities is to keep the client comfortable and at ease as this can be quite a daunting situation – something which helped me a lot on my first meeting, as I was nervous mostly about seeing a male therapist on my own as a young girl. Talking to Steve, this is a problem he comes across a lot but, once there, all fears are put aside as he always puts the clients first and always tries to make the client comfortable even when working on the Psoas – and that is never really comfortable!

While I was shadowing, I saw some very interesting cases including clients with nerve damage, fascia problems, over-use issues, post-cancer patients, fascia hypermobility and severe hypo mobility (a lack of stretch in the muscles, tendons and ligaments). Many of these people, like me, had been thrown from one therapy to another with little success so it was nice to see that these situations do not discourage Steve and he really throws himself into dedicating a lot of time to getting them better. With some unusual cases or long-term problems/injuries, finding the root cause of the problem is not straightforward. Often the pain is not where the problem is. The body, over time, compensates for the original injury meaning that the pain could be felt in the back, for example, when actually the problem could be the jaw alignment – making diagnosing the root causes difficult.

I would thoroughly recommend going to see Steve if you have any pain whatsoever. The treatments can be tough and painful at times as deep muscles can be tricky to get to, but what you get back outweighs that 10-fold. Steve will, without fail, always listen to what you say and take that into consideration when treating you. Whether a long or short term problem, you will always be treated with the same level of importance. I cannot recommend him enough!

Andrew Lewis, Andover
I have been suffering with chronic back and thigh pain for approximately 14 years and have seen a host of chiropractor’s, osteopaths and quacks. I am even booked in to see a surgeon via the NHS. I can honestly say however that Steve’s holistic approach in trying to reach the underlying cause of the problem, using a combination of techniques is starting to get results. It seems that muscle tightness and tension and slight hyper mobility mean that personal stretching I had been doing were not getting the needed results. Steve has shown me the likely reason for having a recurring ‘twisted’ pelvis and has started to relax the muscles responsible for this. Steve’s personal interest in his clients is evident from the outset during the initial consultation which is essentially without charge. I will continue to use Steve’s professional massage therapies and will be recommending him to my family and friends. Thank You!
Dawn Portwood, Andover
I’d recommend Steve to all. After suffering with tight, sore calf muscles all my adult life the pain got pretty intense when I started Martial Arts. Even after one session with Steve I feel much more comfortable and happy. So much so, I’ve just had my second treatment already! Thank you Steve.
S. Seddon, Newbury
Following illness in my mid-forties, I took up exercise and running in particular with gusto. Unfortunately, I didn’t consider the impact of this on my legs and thought ‘stretches and massage’ were for wimps. The inevitable result was a series of problems. First with Runner’s Knee, then a hip problem and then finally a foot injury that left me unable to walk.
I visited my GP who diagnosed Plantor Fasciitis. Having read a bit on the Internet as we all do these days, I wasn’t convinced. So with some scepticism I visited Steve Guyatt, a sports massage specialist in Newbury. Quickly he realised that it wasn’t Plantor Fasciitis and diagnosed inflamed tendons in my foot, brought on by tight muscles that he could actually twang, in my calf. I won’t lie, some of the treatment was uncomfortable, but from a condition that seemed to be worsening, I experienced an immediate improvement after the first treatment and after the second treatment I am almost healed completely.

Thank you Steve.

Anne Bedini, Newbury
I have had many different types of treatment over the years including various types of massage, and acupuncture techniques etc before I found Steve on the web. I thought it was worth trying a new therapist, for his initial £20 fee, particularly as he offered hot stones massage which I had tried once before in the USA with good results. I was very surprised as to how thorough and knowledgeable he was, and he used a number of techniques which I had not experienced before. I have been treated now a number of times and the difference Steve has made to my ability to start horse riding again, has been greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Steve if you are looking for true sports massage therapy rather than a gentler spa-type treatment, but the use of hot stones helps to relax the muscles and gives a more pleasant experience.

Thanks, Anne

Maire, Newbury
Steve was recommended by a friend following me getting injury to my knee whilst running. He saw me at very short notice and immediately put me at ease. He listened to my symptoms and started work identifying and massaging the muscles that were causing the most pain. He also managed to find additional points of muscular discomfort that I didn’t realise I had! Releasing tension in muscles does not happen immediately and Steve’s persistence and determination meant that he managed to successfully release this tension in time for me to compete in a race that I had been training for. I have since had a further injury which Steve has worked on, again allowing me to continue running. I am very grateful to Steve for his time, patience and good humour throughout all of the appointments I have had and will not hesitate to book further appointments with him.
Steph Bolton, Newbury
I went to Steve for treatment of a calf muscle rupture that was still causing pain and experiencing weakness after a year despite earlier physiotherapy. He relieved most of the pain during the first two sessions and I feel much more confident about using my leg now in sporting activities. Steve is professional, respectful, and attentive. He listened carefully to my problems and provided an excellent service and after-care advice for stretching and strengthening. He is a massage therapist I trust!
Sue Kent, Hampshire
I have been seeing Steve Guyatt for treatments with regard to back and hip pain overlaid by muscular difficulties caused by dancing, horse riding and work related stress. Steve has impressed me by his approach. He made a baseline assessment of my physical state and recorded the details; subsequently he added information to this as my treatment progressed.
Steve prioritized his approach to my needs and over the course of several treatments he has improved my mobility and pain levels to the point where I can now get relatively easy nights sleep. I have also very much valued our post treatment discussions where Steve has offered advice on stretching exercises and diet. His proactive approach has had a positive effect on my lifestyle.
Although Steve is based in his home this has never been as issue, I have always felt welcome and comfortable. At first I was also a bit concerned about having my treatments from a man, however, I found that Steve soon put me at my ease and respected my modesty. My problems were quite challenging and in the end I was appreciative of the physical efforts and hard work it took from Steve to treat me. I believe his own strength combined with appropriate techniques give him an advantage in this area.
He is particularly good at finding your sore spots leading to treatment that is sometimes quite painful but the benefits following are immeasurable. Steve has also proved that he is sensitive to his patient’s emotional state and tailors his treatment accordingly. I know this because I recently had an operation, my last treatment left me relaxed and ready to face that ordeal.
Mark Brough, Andover
Having been recommended to Steve by a colleague I was pleased to discover he had an informal yet professional approach. Being able to have a good chat and a laugh makes it much easier to relax the muscles during sessions.
Steve uses a comprehensive range of traditional, modern and sports massage techniques tailored to your needs. Keeping within your individual comfort boundaries, he can massage deep into muscles to treat tissue damage properly.

After years of problems, my back and calves have never been in better shape!

Miriam Irish, Hampshire
Massage is easy to get anywhere but good massage is harder to find. Even harder to find again is someone who is passionate about learning a new skill that serves to promote someone elses wellbeing and really concentrate on indvidual needs. I think Steve fulfills this role in his massage.

He is patient and thorough. He takes his time and makes sure you get exactly what you need, even if you are not sure what that is. His professional attitude and cheery manner would make anyone feel relaxed so that the fullness of his range of techniques can be completely appreciated. He will find that one muscle knot that you never knew you had and will pick up on problems with an natural and educated ability.

If you don’t feel great after a session with Steve, I will eat my dance shoes!

Brigitte Baker, Hampshire
I have had various massage treatments done by Steve over the months and have never doubted what appears to be an amazing natural ability to provide a thorough and effective treatment every time.
On every occasion, his professional and reassuring approach has been complemented by his instinctive abilities. He seems to intuitively feel his way around the body and possesses an amazing depth of anatomy and physiology knowledge. He is a true professional, conducting himself in a quiet, calm and confident manner.

Massage treatments are never rushed. He takes time to understand my muscular aches and pains, he listens well and communicates effectively by explaining how he’ll conduct the treatment.

I have numerous years of receiving massage treatments for both relaxation and healing purposes and have no hesitation in recommending Steve – he compares more than favourably with other therapists I’ve received massages from in the past.

Tina Charlesworth, Andover
I first visited Steve when I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my lower back. I wasn’t sure if this was within Steve’s remit but I found him thorough in his examination and treatment. He has very good anatomical knowledge and is very concientious, doing research between sessions which was very reassuring. His deep tissue massage is ‘deep tissue’ and coupled with the calming and relaxing ambience of the treatment room a regular massage is now a must!, even though my back problem is now resolved.

Thanks Steve I’m delighted with the results!

Nathalie Danon-Kerr, Newbury
Steve’s massages are really nothing compared to anything I have experienced before. Why? Because they work! I have lots of old sports injury, which many said they could help me with but whilst it allowed temporary relief, I could never obtain long term results. Two friends happened to recommend Steve. After my first session with him, I knew that I had knocked on the right door! Steve is extremely professional, passionate and highly skilled. There isn’t any injury he has not been able to help me with. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as an outstanding massage therapist.
Keith Cezair, Andover
I have been seeing Steve for almost 2 years following a recommendation. I have experienced his SCENAR, Hot Stone and Therapeutic treatments all to the best advantage and relief. Steve is the consummate professional. He listens attentively to your problems or wishes and carries out a thorough assessment giving you a running commentary on what he is finding. Once he has made his diagnosis, you will then know exactly what he intends to do and how you can work together to relieve your aches and pains in the most effective manner. He has a plethora of techniques to ensure that he gets to the root cause of the problem. You can always tell when he has found that pesky knot in a muscle. He will work along the length of a muscle, your torso or limb to ensure that the whole extent of the problem is resolved.

Steve works in an unhurried way to ensure that you receive the best professional care. I have used therapists across the world and Steve ranks up there with the best of them. I have no hesitation in recommending his expert services.

He also has good taste in background music to help you relax.

Laura James, Salisbury
I have been having massage treatments with Steve for over a year now to help with a back problem. Steve had researched the medical side of this before my first session and is very knowledgeable and interested in the ‘technical’ side as well as very good in practice at sports massage. I always feel he makes an effort to do the best job he can and always finds muscles I didn’t know were sore!

Steve tries to accommodate appointments with my hours as a busy solicitor and I always feel de-stressed and physically so much better after a treatment’. I had no sciatic pain last night and felt much freer.

Thanks for your hard work yesterday.

See you soon. Laura

Natalie Bryden, Hampshire
I injured my leg while running 18 months ago and had a number of treatments with various people with limited success. Earlier this year I attended one of Steve’s presentations and he inspired me to make an appointment to see if we could rectify my on-going injury once and for all. It was the best thing I could have done. I have now had a few sessions with Steve and can really feel the difference. The injury hasn’t completely gone but each session takes me closer to recover. I wish that I had known Steve 18 months ago ….if I had I believe I’d have made a full recovery by now!

My body goes through a fair amount with the sports I’m involved with and seeing Steve means I can train hard with the confidence that when things start to cause me a problem Steve will be on hand to put it right!

Thanks Steve

Laura Cassar, Newbury
I had my first treatment with Steve last night, as i suffer with a very tight neck and back, Steve was very good, i highly recommend him!! He is very professional and knows his stuff, he gave me a very thorough consultation, then got to work easing the problem areas. I feel a lot better this morning and am looking forward to my next session. THANKS STEVE
Joanne Lea Conington
Would highly recommend Steve for sports massage treatment. He uses a variety of techniques during the treatment to really help the muscle recover and keeps you informed of what he is doing and why which is really helpful in understanding your injury and recovery.
Suzy Ramsay
Whenever my whiplash injury from old becomes sore or my bones ache, Steve knows how to give me pain relief with hot stones and massage techniques.
Sharon Colpman, Andover
Just had my first treatment with Steve. He is very thorough and professional and knows his stuff. Thanks for poking the things I did not realise could be poked and for relaxing my poor aching muscles.
Sid Dijani, Andover
I’m a practicing healthcare clinician and I promised myself I’d seek a good sports massage therapist after I had enough of regularly suffering from an achy neck, stiff shoulders and a sore back. Google found several locally to me and after a few calls and checking references, I decided to give Steve a chance. It is one of my best decisions and I’m glad I made it because frankly he exceeded all my expectations at such a reasonable price. The results were a revelation, gave immediate relief and made me feel human again. Steve treated my existing problems and found some new ones. He explains everything, is conscientious and ensures you’re always comfortable. He is not only an expert on anyone’s musculoskeletal problems but his positive energy and enthusiasm relaxes your mind as well as your body. Steve provides an impenetrable oasis of calmness; much-needed after a stressful, busy and exhausting week and it recharges me till my next visit every week. I cannot espouse enough about how good he is and have even arranged for him to see other members of my family. I would strongly recommend Steve Guyatt without hesitation. Thanks SID

Mr Sultan SID Dajani MRPharmS, Dip.CommPharm, Independent Prescriber, BPharm, ACPP, English Board, Assembly Member and Treasurer, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Head of UK Delegation, Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union. Chair, Pan-Pharmacy Information Management and Technology Group UK. Chair, Relocation Programme Board

Stephen Michael Brown, Andover
As a regular gym goer, plasterer and ex- royal marine my body takes a bit of a battering on a daily basis. Steve was quick to find muscle knots, tightness and imbalances. He highlighted training habits that were causing issues, solutions to prevent and rectify the issues. He’s clearly passionate about his work and very knowledgeable. After my first session I’ve left feeling 100 times better and more aware of prevention methods and self treatment.
Rebecca Chase
After finally deciding that I really needed to have someone help me with my lower back problems I carried out a web search for sports massage in Andover. I looked at a few websites and was immediately drawn to Steve because as someone who nervous about getting a massage I was reassured by the high level of information provided on his website. I made the call and was so pleased that I did – Steve is highly professional, demonstrated a high level of knowledge and I was comfortable throughout. He not only helped on the day with his massage but gave very useful advice for me to follow to help support my back on a daily basis. I highly recommend him to anyone and will certainly be returning myself in the future. Thanks so much Steve
Dawn Pearson, Andover
I recommend steve wherever I go. Professional to the core. He knows what needs to be worked on and how to get me back into shape. I have a recurring shoulder , neck problem. Which is caused mainly by my job . I have seen physio’s recommended by my doctor, a chiropractor, and an osteopath in the past with no real results. Steve is the only person I see now , and I see less and less of him as what he does produces good and positive results.
Hayley Kirby Bulner
After battling with a nasty neck fracture for the last 14 years steve was recommended to me,I thought I’d tried it all until I tried this out! absolutely fantastic and the shoulder is feeling better already,I will be a regular from now on,finally found someone that can help my host of muscle problems ????
Graham Ewing, Nottingham
I attended a jiving weekend where Steve was providing a massage service.

I often have massage when on holiday or traveling. I have had expensive massage provided by masseurs in Russia, Mauritius, Italy, Spain, UK, China, India, etc. Disappointingly, some massages are light and little more than touch. A good masseur is quite rare, especially in the UK.

I consider that it is worth paying extra for the services of a good masseur. Steve provided a massage at a very competitive rate. When jiving the continuous movement and twisting can take its toll on an aging 59 year old’s body. Steve provided me with what I consider to be an excellent massage, probably far better than the service provided by most masseurs. He was knowledgeable and effective. After just 30 minutes I left the masseurs table totally free of aches and pains to my back. I just wished he lived nearby so that I could use him again.

Jason Bonthuys, Andover
I’d like to thoroughly recommend steve guyatt pro massage. As a martial arts athlete & full time instructor, I put my body through extensive levels of training. By exercising weekly with martial arts & weight training, I find it a necessity to have sports massage on a regular basis. I’ve tried many therapists throughout the years but steve guyatt pro massage is the best I’ve tried by far! Extremely effective & provides great results. I recommend him to all of my students!
Holly Hall, Basingstoke
Steve! You are a legend! I’ve had a lot of injuries due to 11 years in gymnastics but the major one was a late diagnosed fractured spine which obviously had some further issues on my body. In 4 years, no one has been able to come close to the treatment and success you have. Not only that but so flexible with appointment times, even when someone as disorganized as me has to text in regularly to reorganise as I have double booked. Not only are you far better than any other doctor, physio, spine or back specialist I’v seen, you actually listened to everything I said and care to make sure I was the best I could be for 4 months of backpacking! Including teaching my boyfriend some techniques to help with my back while we are away. So off tomorrow and I will, with out a doubt, be back the minute I land. I can’t thank you enough! Holly x
Mardy Tully, Andover
That lower back pain….gone! Thanks Steve for an excellent session x


Steve has a passion for therapeutic and remedial sports massage. Whether you have physical discomfort requiring attention or you are looking for a relaxing treatment, Steve offers a range of effective, professional massage therapies.

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I was pleased to discover he had an informal yet professional approach…After years of problems, my back and calves have never been in better shape!
Mark Brough

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