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Hot Stones Sports Massage, Why is it THE Ultimate Massage?

To answer this complex question briefly as to what makes this the ultimate massage, it best to start with an outline of some of the basics of a professional massage, and explain massage types and muscle injuries.

ultimate-massageWhat is a Professional Massage?
A professional massage can only be carried out by someone who has a recognised industry standard qualification. There are many therapists practicing with only a few days training who have a Massage Diploma but very limited knowledge of the body structure i.e. skeletal and muscular. A massage therapist should have at least a NVQ level 3 qualification for a holistic (relaxation) massage and for Sports & Remedial this should be even higher with a NVQ Level 4 or 5. The leading body, the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage (ISRM) only accept a Level 5 entry qualification.

What is a Sports & Remedial Massage?
This is much more than a relaxation massage and it was a term aimed at sports men and women where massage can enhance their performance ensuring the body’s muscles are the right length without ‘knotty’ or tight areas within the muscle which reduces performance and enhancing the probability of an injury. When a muscle is injured (over-exerted) the muscle contracts to protect itself but where activities continue the muscle can be injured (ripped) to some degree with scar tissue forming (‘knots’ and tenderness within the muscle). Remedial massage removes these knots, scar tissue, muscle imbalances and stretches the muscle to protect from further injuries. Almost 100% of the clients I treat have some muscle damage e.g. knotty and tender areas and many of these clients do no sporty activities and its just their job, DIY and their stressful life’s that induce muscle tightness etc.

What are the Benefits of Hot Stones in massage?
If you never had a Hot Stones massage you are missing out! The luxury of beautifully smooth hot stones sliding down your back is so relaxing and a lovely indulgence. But there are two main benefits, as you relax so do your muscles so the therapist can work deeper making it is easier to remove scar tissue and the heat promotes healing by increasing the blood supply.

To summarise…
You need to find an experienced therapist who has professional qualifications, as the body is very complex machine and needs a good level of understanding. This helps you trust the therapist otherwise you will be tense and the muscle will not want to relax. As almost all working people have some form of muscle issues and most do not know they are there, it is best to go for a sports and remedial massage for the longer term benefits. If you then add the synergistic benefits of the enjoyable hot stones you relax and heal faster – therefore the ultimate massage!


Steve has a passion for therapeutic and remedial sports massage. Whether you have physical discomfort requiring attention or you are looking for a relaxing treatment, Steve offers a range of effective, professional massage therapies.

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I was pleased to discover he had an informal yet professional approach…After years of problems, my back and calves have never been in better shape!
Mark Brough

Sports Massage Andover

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Sports Massage Andover

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