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Sports Massage Articles

Back problems – Cause and treatment

I have many clients come to me with back pain, many of whom have had pain for some time and have seen other therapists and tried other treatments etc. with no or little improvement in their condition…

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Scenar Therapy

To support my sports massage treatments I use, where appropriate, a Scenar device. A Scenar device is a small hand-held device considered to be the most technically advanced pain relief device available…

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Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is a form of treatment that involves inverting a person (turning them upside down) to various degrees to relieve pain in the back, stretch the spine and relieve pressure between the vertebrae…

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10 Massage Aftercare Tips

This is a short article advising on aftercare, following a massage. A good therapist will advise you on what you should do after your massage to ensure you derive the maximum…

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Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Many clients come to me with elbow pain. It’s a very common condition, and I myself have had both tennis (twice) and golfer’s elbow at different times! There’s lots of….

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Hypermobility & Soft Tissue Therapy

I have a number of clients who are hypermobile. Most of them know they are ‘double jointed’, but some do not, and there are different degrees of hypermobility in each client…

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The Politics of Self-Stretching

This is a brief article regarding self-stretching ‘politics’. It does not provide stretching benefits or details as the web has loads of information on stretching, but…

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Muscle and Joint Pain – Injuries & Treatment

Most of my clients who come to see me have some sort of muscle or joint pain which is common due to our hectic lives, work, stress, posture, sport etc. This article…

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What is Fascia/Myofascial Release and how does it effect me?

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds our bodies three dimensionally and it can get restricted, meaning that we lose our flexibility producing pain. Muscle and fascia…

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Do you suffer from Runners Knee?

Runner’s knee is a term used to refer to a number of medical conditions that cause pain around the knee (patellofemoral pain). These conditions include patellofemoral…

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15 Great Tips For A Better Massage

Whether you are a regular massage client, are having a massage as treatment for an injury, or just fancy a treat – here are 15 ways to get a better massage experience…

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Horse Riding Injuries – Treatment & Prevention

This Article is a on general horse riding injuries, prevention strategies and types of treatment that I have researched to support my sports massage practice. Although…

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Have You Shoulder Pain or a Shoulder Joint Injury?

Some of my clients complain of shoulder pain. Not the tight shoulders that a lot of clients have with lumpy trapezius muscles, but real shoulder joint injuries where…

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Let’s Talk ‘Plantar Fasciitis’

I’ve treated a number of clients who have Plantar Fascia, or have advancing signs of this condition. In my initial encounters I was sceptical on how effective my treatme…

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Hot Stones Sports Massage, Why is it THE Ultimate Massage?

To answer this complex question briefly as to what makes this the ultimate massage, it best to start with an outline of some of the basics of a professional massage, and…

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Steve has a passion for therapeutic and remedial sports massage. Whether you have physical discomfort requiring attention or you are looking for a relaxing treatment, Steve offers a range of effective, professional massage therapies.

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I was pleased to discover he had an informal yet professional approach…After years of problems, my back and calves have never been in better shape!
Mark Brough

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